What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Males?

What is the Main Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

causes of edErectile dysfunction is a severe problem. There are no two ways about that. But fortunately, it is something that can be fixed. Erectile dysfunction or ED can happen due to various reasons. ED doesn’t have anything to do with age though it occurs mostly after the middle ages. Stress can cause you not to achieve an erection as well. It can often be confused with ED. A lot of folks research about symptoms of ED on the internet and confuse between stress and ED. Erectile dysfunction doesn’t happen like that. It has more in-depth reasons that have a lot to do with your physiology.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which one has difficulty in achieving and maintaining erections. The erections won’t be suitable for satisfying sexual experience. It commonly occurs in older folks. As a rule of thumb, erectile capacity decreases with age. It occurs when blood vessels to your penis are blocked. Narrowing blood vessels to the penis has the same result too. Blockage and narrowing are among the prevalent causes of erectile dysfunction. It happens due to the interference of blood vessels and the nervous system that trigger an erection. Reduced libido can also cause erectile dysfunction in average ages for men or later.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Some diseases can lead to narrowing or blocking of the blood vessels such as diabetes, sclerosis, hormonal imbalance, nerve damage, hypertension, etc. The narrowing or blockage happens due to heart diseases and unhealthy lifestyle choices too. A person is more likely to get ED if he is obese, alcoholic, drugs, smoking, and antihypertensive medications. Psychological causes play a significant role in the occurrence of ED. Such as stress, fear, sadness, gloom, and relationship problems that can cause an annoying medical condition. ED is often a combo of psychological and physical issues. It can also be either of two as well.

what cause erectile dysfunction?

Does cycling cause ED?

The answer is still not yet found. Lots of research and surveys have raised the alarm. It claimed men who regularly cycle could have higher risks of ED along with infertility and prostate cancer. However, there is no conclusive evidence to this date to confirm such a claim.


The apparent symptom is difficulty in getting an erection – the inability to maintain an erection if often experience. Even if you achieve an erection, you can’t keep it for a sufficient length of time. It results in an unsatisfactory sexual experience for you and your partner. Decreased libido is another symptom of ED. You may not feel as energetic as you like. Your stamina in bed can also drop. Sexual desires can fall, which is again counted as a symptom for ED. Lack of sexual desire is a symptom that can be easily noticed. Nevertheless, signs of stress and ED can always be confused.

Prevention methods

To prevent ED, you need to avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices. Stop smoking to prevent erectile dysfunction. Stop your excessive drinking habits at all costs. Just, stay physically active to increase testosterone. Make conscious efforts to lose weight. At all costs, avoid misuse of drugs. Start cutting back medications if you can. Also, try always to stay happy. Do not give room for stress, anxiety, or fear. All of these negative feelings produce cortisol, the stress hormone in your body. There are medications to cure erectile dysfunction, as well. We will discuss a cure in the next post.

ED affects your partner…

Men aren’t the only victims in this. Spouses and partners to experience their challenges. They feel left out and rejected, blame themselves for the lack of sex. ED takes a severe toll on the relationship. As you know, intimacy is a significant factor in any relationship. Women should talk to people about this or join support groups. They need to make sure they confide in particular focused groups only. The intimate connection can help them go through the phase. As we know already, ED can be cured. Erectile dysfunction is only a temporary condition if you address the issue seriously.

Can ED be fixed?

ED can be permanently fixed. It mostly depends on the causes of the issue. And even if your situation is helpless, you have solutions to use regularly, because long term solutions come from exercising and lifestyle changes. Having your medication checked is essential as well.

causes of erectile dysfunction

Treatment options

No two men are alike. That’s why the same treatment method can’t assure success for everybody. We suggest some pills and other forms of remedies that work with most men. So, your treatment plan will depend on the cause of the issue. We ideally suggest you put aside embarrassment and visit a physician. It is the quickest way to enjoy your sex life to the fullest. If the condition is still new or you don’t have a qualified doctor near you, you can make use of the products we suggest in this blog. Read all our posts relating to this issue.

Pills such as Viagra need to be avoided. They don’t work for everyone and have side effects include annoying headaches and stomach problems. Ans the worst ones are decreasing sexual desire and impotence. More severe problems are chest pain and vision impairment.

We suggest alternative pills with little to no chances of even the harmless side effects. We prioritize your health and wellness above anything. ED treatment options and remedies are available in plenty in our website. We continuously advise against harmful treatment options.

Penile Implants

One of the most extreme ways to treat it is through penile implants. These are custom-fitted devices, surgically implanted to get you an erection. We know. It sounds crazy. That’s how we feel about it too. To the naked eye, these implants aren’t visible. No one can say you are using them. They present a really viable option. To some, it may look attractive.

Nonetheless, there are better ways to solve the issue. It only takes some delay and discipline. Unless there is a desperate need, you can’t really opt for surgical options in any medical condition.