How Can I Improve My Erectile Dysfunction?

How Can You Stop Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can ruin your sexual life. It can leave you unsatisfied, put off the mood for your partner. It is a severe issue to combat physically and mentally. The solution to the problem is both physical and mental as well. There are ways you can cure this condition. It can be cured in surprisingly quick time too. These quick time cures can bring smiles to a lot of faces. Though you don’t suffer in general, your unease at bed is annoying and worrisome. You need to address the issue ASAP and solve it to gain emotional relief.

Smart Stats

More than half the men experience some degree of erectile dysfunction. It doesn’t just happen to all men. One in four men under their 40s suffers from this condition. 20% of men in their 20s and 30% of men in this 30s have erectile dysfunction of some degree. Similarly, 40% of dudes in their 40s suffer too. The stats may look alarming. However, not everyone suffers from an acute degree of erectile dysfunction. Don’t be a fool; ED is a serious issue. Millions of men deal with it now, and millions more will deal with it in the future. The question needs to be addressed, and types of cures have to be discussed.

Erectile Dysfunction Basics

Three things constitute erectile dysfunction. Firstly you can’t achieve an erection. Secondly, you can’t maintain your erection. Thirdly, you will experience reduced sexual desire. One side of ED is it’s physical. Another side of ED is emotional or psychological. You need to approach cure along both sides. You must address both the sides for effectively improving your ED problem. One dangerous way to do it is just to go online and purchase pills unknown to you. You need to understand the underlying causes, identify your case, and seek improvement.

how to imrove erectile dysfunction

What’s the cure?

The best way to go about it is to have a proper diagnosis from a physician. It’s just that not all men are comfortable with it. People don’t want to discuss this problem with others. If you are going to have this sorted, you need to understand your case. Look at the possible causes of your problem. If you have diabetes, you need to get it in control. You need to lose some pounds if you are obese, cut back on drinking, and quit smoking. Also, you need to make some conscious lifestyle changes.

It’s easy

3 in 5 ED victims don’t do anything about it. ED is not a condition that can’t be cured. The problem can be solved in a few months or even weeks. You just need to make conscious and genuine efforts. You need to find the safest, the easiest, and the most affordable ways of cure. If not cure, you can improve the condition in a matter of days. If not for the physical side, you can quickly better up the psychological front. You can choose medication if your problem is too acute. Consider the other medicines you take before starting one for ED.

Listed below are the top preventive tips against erectile dysfunction.

  • Watch your eating habits: A diet that doesn’t love your heart affects your ability to achieve erections. The food you take should in no way disturb blood circulation in your body. Blood flow is needed for getting erections at will. It is for that reason, the link between the Mediterranean diet and the sexual function boost is understandable.
  • Keep your obesity in check: This is your first preventive action against ED. Obesity leads to many health risks, and penile issues are some of them. Always maintain a healthy weight. Diabetes caused by obesity can cause severe nerve damage.
  • Keep blood pressure in check: Both high pressure and high cholesterol damage blood vessels. It includes vessels that bring the flow to the penis too. It is the de facto setup for developing ED. Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check for total prevention.
  • Cut back on drinking: Drink in moderation or simply quit the habit. Even moderate drinking is dangerous for ED. Alcohol disturbs normal levels of male hormones. Such interference is a surefire cause of ED, and numerous studies have confirmed the same.
  • Develop exercise as a habit: Leading a healthy life kills two birds in one stone. Firstly you avoid obesity as one of the primary causes of ED. Secondly, it boosts your testosterone levels’ purpose of exercises. Avoid exercises that put too much pressure on the scrotum region.
  • Don’t limit with Kegels: One way of exercise doesn’t help. A lot of people think Kegels boost T count and improves pelvic muscles. Workouts don’t work like that, because you can focus on one part of the body too much. Kegels don’t guarantee to cure ED.
  • Keep up your T levels: Your testosterone levels determine your masculinity in bed. T levels start falling sharply past the middling years. Keep tabs on the big T consistently. If you have issues in that department, you need to take it up to a doctor.
  • Stay away from steroids: Taking any form of steroids exposes you to the truckload of medical issues. Penile well-being is a damaged cause of its consumption. Nowadays, bodybuilders, dancers, athletes, and even entertainers take steroids. It can also shrink your testicles and reduce their ability to produce testosterone.
  • Stop smoking: Smoking causes impotence and major sexual problems in men. 50% of smokers over the age of 40 experience some degree of ED. How sexy is that? At all costs, avoid smoking altogether. At the least cut back on daily smoking limits.
  • Avoid bizarre sex positions: It may sound weird and strange, but it’s true. Some dangerous sex positions can impact your ability to achieve an erection, let alone maintaining it. Always stay clear of not just unprotected sex but risky sex also.
  • Avoid stress: When you are stress, cortisol hormones get released in your body. Cortisol is a direct deterrent to testosterone hormones. Lack of testosterone is an essential cause of erectile dysfunction. On top of it, stress can disrupt sleep patter and even cause obesity.