Terms of Service

Medical Consultation and Counseling

We strictly suggest you to consult with your doctor before consumption of third party products. We will not be liable to health hazards that may arise due to combination of other factors. We advise you to educate yourself on how pills or other medication works. Though we give due diligence to medical risks, we advise you to take care of managing multiple medications.

User Privacy

We do not collect personal information of users through our website. We still warn you to be careful with what you share via third party apps. All of our transactions come under audits. The website only supports secure transaction gateways. We do not encourage requests for other forms of payment. We do not use your personal information for promoting products in future.

Shipping Guarantees

We do not take complete responsibility of shipping for products from third party website. You are responsible to check out their shipping guarantees presented in third party sites. Trustable ecommerce sites such as Amazon presents clear shipping guarantees and buyer protection policies. We make sure to make mentions of authentic third party shopping websites. These websites take complete responsibility of door to door shipping.

Copyrighted Content

All of our content in our blog posts as well as product pages should not be copied or reproduced in any form. We hold entire rights to the content we present here. Violators will have to face DMCA complaints from us. For usage of our content, contact us. We encourage giving due credits to our authors and web pages prior to using our content in any format.

Age Restrictions

The site contains adults only content. No user under age of 18 is eligible to purchase products from our website. If you are a minor in your jurisdictions, you are not permitted to purchase the products. Be aware of your local laws and regulations. If you are under 18 or minor according to local laws we strongly instruct you to keep away from our products.