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Prosolution Plus Pills Review 2020

Prosolution Plus is one of the few natural supplements you can use to reduce premature ejaculation. As the description implies, you can defeat the uncontrolled ejaculation before or shortly after penetration.

prosolution plusOriginal Prosolution has built a good rep over the years. I wanted to try their new Prosolution Plus pills. It was a more efficient and revamped version, compared to the original. Today it is damn too hard to get the original anymore.

Prosolution Plus has created such an impact, that shops have to be overly stocked with it. To get the original Prosolution plus pills you need to buy directly from their official website. The new product has been liked by adults of all ages. It is well received by the established client base of the company. Clients have always been in praise of it. I have joined the list after a month of usage.

What convinced me for purchase was the number of impressive facts backed by clinical studies. The working of this pill has been extensively documented. It has been put under rigorous testing to verify the pill indeed backs its claims. It is the only over the counter PE supplement, proven by clinical studies. American Journal of Therapeutics exhibits the dynamic results within a limited period. It is the apex institute for testing in this area.

What about Prosolution Plus clinical results?

The tests involved third parties who verified results with test groups as well as the control group. The control group took other or no supplements. The test group took the pills. The difference in results was astonishing. Since the third party has no idea about test subjects, it looked valid enough for me. A lot of other companies copy ProSolution Pills and even their test results. That is how far the ProSolution+ pills stand out from other sexual supplements!

prosolution plus results

I purchased a mega pack that covers me for 90 days. There was no noticeable side effect. Nor there was any odd feeling during the day. It helped me feel like a throbbing man once again. My wife finally felt, the man has arrived. There was a drastic change in the bedroom. It is most potent among all safe sexual supplements.

Does Prosolution+ worth a try?

I have always been a fan of gel. It is so quick and easy. Pills take too much time and seldom works. My opinions took a U-turn when I gave Prosolution Plus a try. These pills are the real deal. There isn’t any BS claim, which they can’t back up. The pill does what it claims to do.

Compared to this one, even its closest competitors aren’t close enough based on performance. The effects usually kick from the second-third week of usage. Even it mildest of dosage, it works perfectly. Pills are never for unexpected one-night encounters. However, they are your friends in the longer run. The wife or your otherwise loved one feels the thrill.

Are ProSolution Plus pills effective?

prosolution plus work wellYes, indeed. The brand has established a name in medical supplements. Their specialty is top-notch supplements for erection and ejaculation issues in men. That’s primarily addressing PE and ED respectively. Prosolution Plus works around the same issues as well. 6 out of 10 men above 40 have PE of a certain degree. These pills work best to solve their issue. If the erection can be maintained for longer periods, you can fight PE. The pills do exactly that. By the way, if you prefer a gel instead of pills you can try Prosolution Gel, which I reviewed too.

My results – from 1-minute men to 15!

A man should ideally ejaculate in at least 5-8 minutes. These pills help you to stay for as long as 15 minutes. Every sexual encounter becomes more memorable this way. There are various other benefits of the product. You can experience a world of difference when you use it in the right dosage. Dosage determines the effectiveness of these pills towards boosting your sexual desire and libido.

It’s a given, pills such as these don’t work on day 1. It started working for me relatively a bit late. However, once the effects kicked in, I felt like a teen again. For a few, it starts taking effect in just a week. For some of my friends, it took more than a couple of weeks.

It generally takes at least 2 weeks for the effects to kick in. If you are already on another medication, this pill might not work. For instance, it worked perfectly fine for me, but not on my friend. You need to consult with a doctor or avoid this pill altogether if you are following other medications. Try it once and you will be impressed beyond expectations.

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Prosolution Plus works for real

I know this is a real deal after knowing the brand behind it. Leading Edge Health is not alien to the sexual enhancers’ niche. They are the producer and seller of most popular enhancement supplements such as VigRX Plus, Extenze and much more. Leading Edge Health handles Prosolution Pills as well as Prosolution Plus. They have been in business for over one and half-decade. It transformed into a corporate a few years ago.

Headquartered in Canada, they take risks of side effects seriously. Favored health products give them their flagships. Most people believe Prosolution Plus is the current one. The pill has been making rounds on social media. The tons of positive reviews presented a good image too.



Prosolution Plus benefits

There is a long list of benefits of using this product.

 – Firstly, you can purchase these pills discreetly. For most people buying sexual pills from stores feel embarrassing. These pills can be purchased online to save trouble.

– Secondly, you enjoy a full refund money-back guarantee. They have a 2 month or exactly 67-day money-back guarantee. I didn’t need to cash it in.

– Thirdly you can enjoy better orgasms. What pills exactly do is help control your orgasms. I could see I lasted more than 8 minutes every time.

– Fourthly, it boosts your sexual confidence. The effectiveness leads to increased sexual confidence. The clinical studies back the claims made by the company.

– Last, but not the least, it is made up of 100% organic ingredients. The ingredients are all-natural and proven to be safe after clinical trials. Let me explain more about it.

It’s mostly made up of herbal remedies. That’s what got me confident, it would work and without side effects. If people expect it to be a cure for all sexual problems, it may or may not serve the purpose. Be sure to read the product descriptions. For instance, it didn’t solve some issues of my own. But it doesn’t warrant a negative comment, considering there was no promise on that.

The pill does well in achieving an erection and maintaining it. It addressed for Premature Ejaculation(PE) and ED to an extent. But it doesn’t fill the gaps, where surgical solutions should be sought for. For the average performance issues, the pills are golden. Get your Prosolution Plus pack from original distributors only. It works like a chance after a brief waiting period.

Works well within its limitations

I was never hesitant in placing my trust in Prosolution Plus. I was quite sure it will save both my problems – PE and ED. Having been the unfortunate one to combat both sexual health issues, life was never easy for me. Though these conditions are technically minor, they have major repercussions in one’s lives. Courtesy of these pills I don’t have to suffer anymore. I can now get an erection like magic and stay impressively longer.

prosolution+ results


At the least, it impressed me and my wife. If you want to try, do not hesitate. Trust your guts and make the purchase. The pills simply increase your pleasure in bed. When your partner is happy too, it’s a double delight. However, it does have its strengths and limitations.

The pills have their awesomeness and limitations. There are pros and cons to it, but the sheer number of positives makes it easy to overlook negatives. For starters, there are no side effects, safe supplement is almost always good.

Prosolution Plus pros and cons

There are plenty of positives, you can enjoy enhanced sexual performance. You and your partner will be satisfied. The pills give long-lasting erections. It is made up of all organic ingredients. It comes with a full refund money-back guarantee. The product is manufactured and distributed by a well-known brand in this industry. The claims made by the company are backed by strong clinical studies.

There are a few downsides too. However cheap it is when compared to other premium supplements, it is still considered expensive by users, who are okay with risking their health. There is plenty of duplicate circuiting online, making it a must to buy from the manufacturer’s official website.

The pills work great in their area of specialty. It hardly goes beyond that to solve your other issues. I thought it would fix my crooked penis. Unfortunately, it didn’t. The crooked penis hasn’t been a disaster for me. I still wanted something straighter. ProSolution was recommended by many in my circles and I  thought it works on all issues, which it didn’t.

I did get rock solid erections and it could be maintained for longer periods. I felt satisfied to give a rocking performance in bed and satisfy my loved one. Looks like ProSolution Plus is a potent sexual supplement.

erectile dysfunction

How Prosolution+ work

The benefits are endless and that’s what makes it a top buy. You can expect never seen before measurements when in dosage. You wouldn’t feel the lack of sexual desire again. It solves both premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED). The pill does solve a long list of other sexual problems too. However make sure, it covers the problem you want to address in bed.

It helps improve your stamina in bed. The staying power is often doubled, if not tripled. In every penetration, you last more than 15 minutes. You can enjoy it all without worrying about side effects. The pills are made of 100% natural products. It is mostly made of herbs. Prosolution Plus pills fix 9 out of 10 sexual issues.

There are different possible backgrounds for PE or ED. Irregularities in sex hormones are a common cause. Unregulated levels of neurotransmitters, urethra problems, thyroid abnormalities, nerve damage, etc… can play a role too. You can never be sure what causes sex-related issues. Even chronic or other health issues attack your sexual well-being. A variety of factors can cause anxiety, which in turn makes you ejaculate quicker than expected. A temporary emotional burden or mental stress can result in both PE and ED. Stress plays a huge role since it stops you from concentrating while having sex.

Among the long list of sexual supplements, Prosolution Plus is rated as one of the best. It leads to increased libido for sex and proved to heighten the sexual experience. It does all of this most naturally but it can’t replace prescribed medicine for men with acute difficulties.

Better than expected

What’s with all the gaga over Prosolution Plus? Is it worth the hype? It certainly does. Let me tell you why, after being using the product for 75 days. The 90-day pack hasn’t let me run out of stock. The pills started to kick in after the first week, strongly after second. The pills work on both physiological and psychological fronts. In the former, it works on your penis and areas around it. For the latter, it does improve your libido and desire for sex. There is no need to have sex in the dark, let alone not having it at all. Prosolution Plus works well as a protein supplement as well. Gym rats keep it their dirty secret confined to kits.

prosolution results

Thanks to Prosolution+, my ED life doesn’t include more suffering. The pills make sure I don’t get affected by my acute ED problem. It works considerably slow, but I am okay with it. I am fine as long as it works and without any known side effects.

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For whom it is intended?

Prosolution Plus addresses a range of men’s sexual difficulties. With its effective formula, you don’t have to worry about PE anymore. You will last longer before ejaculation. On top of that, longer and stronger erections can be enjoyed too. It proves as a one-stop solution for far too many sex-related issues. The boost in sexual endurance can be appreciated too.

The pills also boost your testosterone levels. Improved T-level in your body result in better overall physical performance. The product is safe from harmful ingredients. They have proven it after valid clinical tests. I read a lot of consumer reviews that supported the claim and was following the clinical test results presented by the manufacturer. Moreover, plants and herbs that form the ingredients in the product hardly cause any side effects. It is a 100% safe product.

long term


The pills come with top-class packaging and quick delivery. If you dig for a slow but safe ED solution, ProSolution is for you. Faster solutions do involve the risk of side effects. I don’t want to be dealing with risks relating to my sexual health. There have been no complaints in my short stint of using Prosolution Plus. I will be using it for a longer time in the future.

Prosolution Plus ingredients

Prosolution Plus ingredients mostly come from plants and herbs. They have a mix of ingredients native to various parts of the world. There are the Asian herbs, African and a little of the West. It is indeed a globally sound formula. The collective expertise of all time is employed to best use here.

Momordica is used to reduce body fat and to improve diabetes. It eases up your digestion too. Thanks largely to the positive changes T-levels in the body are increased.

prosolution plus ingredients list


Another interesting ingredient to note is the Butea Superba. This Thai herb is used as the aphrodisiac in the combination. It is accepted as a proper cure to ED in the medical realm, among other things.

Another herb from the Himalayan mountain ranges is Arjuna. It works towards your endurance for sex. By controlling heart rate and blood flow, it improves the cardiovascular system, thereby taking your sex life to a whole new level.

Reishi mushroom hasn’t failed to impress me. Its properties include being an anti-allergic, antibacterial, antioxidant and antiviral. It restores the vitality in your body. It’s a great way to prevent you from diseases that take a toll on your physical health and sexual performance.

What else is inside?

Amla is another nice addition to the ingredients list. It is, for the most part, just vitamin C. Amla, otherwise called gooseberry helps in preventing aging. It even keeps your hair and skin attractive. It regulates your blood flow to every part of the body.

Apigenin is another item that takes care of the blood vessels. The penis is the biggest benefactor too, considering it is dependent on blood vessels.

prosolution plus ingredientsAnother Asian aphrodisiac in the list is Curculigo. It helps to enjoy high energy, high octane sex and helps towards better erection quality. It is used as a Viagra alternative in India, where it is abundant.

The final plant or herb type ingredient is the Bladderwrack. This seaweed acts as a healing component. It treats conditions such as obesity, cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, and exhaustion. By improving thyroid health, it improves your overall metabolism. Along with better metabolism rate comes better erection quality and libido. All of these ingredients are highly potent.

I was always skeptical about all male enhancement supplements. I was busting my ass at that gym and still stay lean. One of my gym buddies suggested I needed testosterone boosters. That’s when I stumbled into Prosolution Plus. Not just for sexual enhancement, the pills work best on muscle-building too. The effects are enjoyed only by gym rats.

I didn’t experience any unpleasant side effects. I do get horny more often than before, which is a pleasant side effect to count on. The majority of the buyers are paying for it. I have tried a few protein supplements and sexual enhancers. Quality and safety define this product. I vouch strongly for Prosolution Plus pills.

What do doctors say?

How much Prosolution Plus cost?

When it comes to pricing, Prosolution Plus has a clear edge that extends to authority. The best park I like about the product is the pricing. The 30-day pack comes at under 40$. It is a steal. You can get nowhere close to the effect of products in this price range. Added to affordability, the product is safe too. I have not experienced a single side effect to date. The only side effect I might forget to mention is feeling horny most of the time.

A lot of clinical studies back the acclaimed awesomeness of Prosolution Plus pills. Its long list of impressive stats is verified by medical authority centers. Stats say it reduces Premature Ejaculation by 64%!!! In my case, it shoots up to 100% PE prevention. I can feel amazing staying power like never before.


Where to buy Prosolution Plus?

So, many of you ask yourself: “Where can I buy Prosolution Plus pills?“. This is a good question because it’s not so easy to find it… Officially Prosolution pills selling only from the official website and affiliated websites – this is the best place where you can buy it.

I do not recommend buy Prosolution Plus at Amazon, eBay, etc. , because you lose the 67 days warranty. Furthermore, not any guarantee that the seller there has the original product and not a fake! So, be aware of it!

Also, you will not find Prosolution Plus in GNC, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and other large stores. It’s only available in official stores online.

Prosolution Plus customer reviews, testimonials, feedbacks

I am interested in queries, suggestions, complaints and all feedback. Or do you have your Prosolution Plus review? Send it to me right now! Most men are not comfortable discussing sexual problems with physicians. This is why blogs like my are need of the hour. I will answer to all your genuine queries ASAP. Do write to us via ‘contact us’ page, email us or just make a comment! I like to improve this board through your feedback preferably.

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