Prosolution Plus vs Vigrx Plus Review And Comparison Results

VigRX Plus vs Prosolution Plus – Which Better?

vigrx vs prosolutionProsolution Plus vs VigRX Plus has been a constant debate. Both of these amazing products have a set of pros and cons. In this post, we are going to look at both these products and draw lines of comparison. Wait till the end of the post to read into our final verdict, comparing the two.

Prosolution Plus Review

prosolution plusProsolution Plus is a natural male enhancement supplement. It focuses on improving premature ejaculation. It has its base in ancient Ayurveda, one of the oldest surviving healing sciences. Nevertheless, the formula for Prosolution Plus is derived from modern medicinal science. The perfect blend of modern and ancient makes it a first of its kind. It is as unique as it is powerful. Leading Edge is a company that manufactures this product. The brand has been in this business for more than one and half-decade. They boast an A-Plus rating coming from Better Business Bureau.

It can only be brought online. You can buy it from authentic amazon sellers. Additionally, you can get it from their official website too. You have a money-back guarantee of more than two months. It has to be taken daily, like any vitamin pill. It can take up to a month for the pill to create an impact on your reproductive system. It is a surefire pill to solve your sex-related issues.

The production happens in an FDA approved plants in the US. The formula encompasses herbs, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Most of the inspiration is from Chinese and Indian. The key ingredients are herbs that are rich in anti-oxidants. The ingredient list has Asphalt, a kind of wax that forms in the Himalayas. Most of the herbs to come primarily from mountainous ranges. The unique formula proved itself in a long list of clinical trials.


VigRX Plus Review

VigRX Plus is a dietary supplement made up of 100% natural ingredients. It improves erections and increases your libido during sex. It can be used by men of most ages. By principle, VigRX increases nitric oxide levels. It results in increased blood flow to the penis. This results in thicker, longer, and harder erections. Thanks to some ancient aphrodisiacs, it helps in the libido side of it as well. Overall, you get a superior erection and sex drive. The evidence is documented in the 2010 clinical study by Vedic Life Sciences Private Limited.

vigrx plus vs prosolution plusTen years of research have gone into the product before the clinical study.  The 2010 clinical study was a triple-blind study with 75 test subjects for 84 days. The results were measured in the International Index of Erectile Function. In clinical research, people can notice almost 63% improvement inability to maintain erections. An increase in the ability to penetrate was nearly 60%. There was a whopping 70% increase in sexual satisfaction. More than 60% increase was noted in overall satisfaction. Sex drive and desire improved by almost 50% in the study. The orgasm quality shot up 22.49%.

The advantages are harder and fuller erections, increased libido and stamina, clinical proof, and 67-day money-back guarantee. The product comes in discrete packaging. You don’t require a prescription to consume this product. It can take up to 30 days to see results.


Prosolution Plus vs Vigrx Plus: Similarities

Both of these products are sexual enhancers. Both can act as an herbal alternative to Viagra. And both of these enhancers are available in the form of pills. You need to take these enhancers only once for the day. It builds up in the system and delivers on results with time. Longer and harder erections are the direct benefit of using these sexual enhancers. Viagra, too does that, but it comes at the cost of deadly side effects. These pills are more herbal, and it is good for the ecosystem also.


To most of us, price does determine our choice. On that basis, Vigrx+ loses out on brownie points. A month of supply of VigRX Plus costs a tad higher than ProSoultion. For a month’s supply, you need to spend $60 for Prosultion and $77 for VigRX Plus. The comparison gets to $385 and $290 for six month supply or six boxes. You can see the difference of just $15 has grown to $95 in six months. The difference of under $100 rises to consolidate to $90, in case of annual expenditure. Regardless of that, ProSolution Plus is ahead in the race, thanks to its low price.

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Performance Review

Both ProSolution and VigRX Plus works amazingly. After several testimonials and user reviews, we know that VigRX rates slightly higher. Even according to tests, the fact stands the same. VigRX Plus provides the bang for the extra buck. It is worth every penny you spent over the pill. Its effects stay comparatively longer on the body and give a steady and lengthy erection. The availability is slightly better in the case of ProSolution Plus.  However, in terms of performance VigRX Plus wins hands down. But don’t forget one crucial thing – besides improvements in erection quality, Prosolution Plus also works for premature ejaculation treatment!

Money-Back Guarantee

Both the products offer 67 days of official guarantee. The guarantee works only as long as you buy it from official stores. Our website suggests the official sellers and links. You can exercise your warranty in case of damage of any sort during shipment. The shipment charges are almost nil in both the products. No product gains an edge over the other with the guarantees and shipment.


Where To Buy

Don’t buy Prosolution Plus or VigRX Plus from Amazon or eBay, because anybody can sell these tabs there. Even if you will lucky and get the original product, you lose your 67 days money-back guarantee.
Unfortunately, these pills usually not available at large retailers such as CVS, GNC, Walmart, or Walgreens. So, the best option is to buy it from official online stores.  If you need the best supplement for premature ejaculation – go to the Prosolution Plus website here if you are looking for better erection quality, here the VigRX Plus website.

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Final Verdict

ProSolution Plus works almost as efficiently as VigRX+. It is a direct alternative for people who cannot afford VigRX Plus or struggling only with premature ejaculation. The latter works better erection quality and hence justifies the higher price. Nevertheless, none of the products will be useful if you don’t buy it from the official sellers. There are duplicates for both these pills, courtesy of their popularity on the internet. If you rate disparity in prices highly, ProSolution Plus is your best choice. If you prefer performance overpower, you would like VigRX Plus better.

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