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how to prevent premature ejaculationWho wouldn’t feel embarrassed when they suffer from premature ejaculation? The satisfaction isn’t there for you and your partner. The situation just gets awkward. Nevertheless, this is a problem that can be addressed. Fortunately, it can be solved, as well. It’s not only you. You are not alone in this. Many men have this problem but hardly tell about it. Premature ejaculation is not often addressed in internet forums. The reason is the significant talks surround erectile dysfunction issues, and premature ejaculation is quite the opposite of that. Here we have listed five proven ways to prevent premature ejaculation.

  • Practice

    Practice lasting longer before ejaculation. When you masturbate, try stopping yourself when you come to orgasm. One handy way to pinch the head of your penis for little time it sends signals for your penis to just stop. It reverses the blood flow once you supply this trigger. You can keep pinching for 5-10 seconds, depending upon your preference. The primary aim is to stop and reverse the blood flow in your penis. It works like a charm while practicing to last longer. It is an easy and effective technique too.

Another essential thing to concentrate is to down your tempo. Besides the self-help technique, practicing with a partner can be helpful too. Try slowing down the pace of pelvic thrusting, varying your angles of penetration. Sometimes entry depth of penetration till the point of no return. When you combine it with pelvic muscles, the method gets two times as effective as before. Keep practicing until you see a drastic change in your condition. Get a partner who is understanding and helpful about your issue.

  • Non-sexual thoughts

    How to Stop Yourself from Coming QuicklyYou need to think something else when you are so close to an orgasm. Think about stuff which makes you serious. It is only for practice purposes. We will do this only till you put an end to premature ejaculation issue. Think about work, automobile, cooking, or even 2nd World War! Just think about something that is not really sexual, stuff that kills the mood in sex for you. The most powerful sexual organ in your body is your brain. If you trick it into detaching from the situation, you won’t hit orgasm quickly. As a general rule, don’t go overboard on this trick.

If you isolate sexual thoughts from your PE issue, you can sense a pattern. Early sexual experiences play a major role in establishing the pattern. There could have been situations you just would have hurried to avoid being found out. Confidence is the key to success in bed. There should be no guilt or remorse. Aim to achieve excellence without being inhibited. You should also treat erectile dysfunction or other issues that may contribute to premature ejaculation.

  • Focus on partner

    It is the best romantic tip on this list. Your partner will thank you more for this one. How exactly will you focus on your partner when you are so close to coming? Make your only goal that is to pleasure her. Kiss, touch, massage, and do everything she likes. Don’t make it about you exactly at this point. Get her warmed up for your next orgasm and lose the current one. Focus on giving her the orgasm. The trick is to give it without using your penis now. Use your fingers really well. Don’t write out oral sex with your tongue.

Another way to involve your partner is to attend counseling. Talk about performance anxiety and other stresses in your lifestyle. When you are too concerned about keeping an erection, you tend to ejaculate quickly. Things like this happen. Effective mental counseling solves these problems. Traumatic sexual experience in a younger year can also cause your problem. The issue is not only about the physical aspect alone. Couples counseling has helped a lot of people put pass this little issue.

  • Masturbate

    tricks to stop premature ejaculation

    I might come off funny and interesting to many. But this is by far the most effective way to combat premature ejaculation. It is the trick most aware men follow as well. You need to masturbate before you are going to have sex. If it is date sex, make sure your partner doesn’t know. Masturbate and enjoy the orgasm a few hours before the date. It helps release some of your testosterone. The chemical changes cause you to last much longer. If you are masturbating first and having sex the same day, chances of premature ejaculation are very slim.

Make no mistake about going in excess. Too much masturbation cannot solve your premature ejaculation problem. At times the cause for PE is masturbation addiction. It makes you lose control of your penile movements more quickly. It can damage the skin around the penis. And even can make your penis appear smaller than before. Do not masturbate in excess. Give your sexual organs enough time to relax between two sessions. Combine your practice with a herbal formula.

  • Improve Neurotransmitters

    There are few effective antidepressant drugs to combat premature ejaculation. SSRI drugs alone helped a lot of men in regards to their sex lives. It helped them to last much longer than they expected. This option is not without downsides. There are lots of adverse side effects when you use drugs. The side effects also include worst cases like impotence. It causes a massive drop in their libido as well as sex drive. Unless you are desperate, this is not a way you would choose. Consulting with your doctor is suggested.

You can get some of the best pills in our blog. Some of these pills work towards all-round sexual health. A classic example of a multipurpose medicine is Prosolution Plus. We also like to list some PE focused drug in the future. These neurotransmitters regulate your entire nervous system. The positive side effects are improved vision, bowel movements, and so on. Before taking any drug, we highly suggest you consult with your doctor. In case of taking any other medications, you need to think before following a new one.

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